You Shall Know No Fear

A Missing Inquisitor

The rumor of an Inquisitor’s arrival a few days ago is confirmed by your Watch Captain’s order to attend a meeting in her chambers at the Tower of Brass in the early hours before the waking cycle. The vaulted doors into the Tower of Brass have remained unchanged over the millennia, inscribed with the catechism of hate: The Mark of the Xenos. However, the guard stationed outside them changes as the title Inquisitor of the Chamber changes bearers. The size and nature of an Inquisitor’s sentry force is indicative of the resident of the gleaming edifice. In keeping with Inquisitor Hezika Carmillus’s violent and martial nature, she keeps no guard at all: a message that she can face any threat on her own. You pass through the unlocked doors and ascend two spiraling flights of stairs to Inquisitor Quist’s audience room. One wall is a transparent plate of glassteel facing into the void. At this time before Erioch’s weak dawn, it faces the dim light from the system’s cold, rising star. Quist stands in the center of the patterned marble floor, arms clasped behind her back. After exchanging brief, cursory greetings with the kill-team, she begins: “I will be brief, as time is of the essence. Too much has already been wasted by the careless and the idle. I do not believe any of you ever made the acquaintance of my colleague, Inquisitor Zaer Vincent. He was—is—a fine man with a nose for secrets. It may have finally been his end. He has been investigating an increasing number of harmful incidents and rumors of a xenos presence in Karlack’s less tamed southern hemisphere. I’m sure I do not need to elaborate on the ramifications if such rumors should prove true on the Crusade’s key fortress world. Yet no one has heard from Vincent in many months.” She holds up a folded letter. “Until now.” Quist goes on to tell the Kill-team that she received the letter, written in Vincent’s hand, only hours ago. It is dated 816.M41. The perils and inefficiencies of war on an unclaimed frontier kept it from her hands for almost a year. Now, long after his disappearance his last communication has finally reached the Ordo Xenos. “Here is that letter”, she says as she hands over a small document.


When you are done reading Inquisitor Quist says: “Whatever malign forces protect these secrets, they may have already killed one of my Ordo. I do not intend to be their next victim. Will you aid me in exposing and purging any xenos taint on Karlack?”


Inquistor, I swear by the Wings of Sanguinus and the Father of Mankind that no xenos taint will remain undiscovered and that this threat to Karlack and the Imperium will be eliminated. I will assist and defend you with my body and blade and will help to find any trace of the missing Inquisitor.

A Missing Inquisitor

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